Friday, 16 July 2010

Folksy Friday time

I've not done a Folksy Friday for a while, so today my theme is Rain

CharlieBear Costumes KitschenSink
Violet May Asking For Trouble
FluffsStuffs Rocky The Zombie

Lots of gorgeous items, hope you like :)
Have a great weekend xxx


  1. these are lovely, they certainly brighten a rainy day, love those umbrella studs so cute :-)

  2. & how appropriate! It's tipping it down outside but your picks brighten up the day nicely ;-)

  3. The rain is just what my garden needs!
    Great picks, love the Zombie childrens tee, so cute. Cate x

  4. I love all your featured items - I think the retro weather raincloud is fab! Reminds me of being little, watching TV on a black and white telly. For all you young uns' the presenters stuck them onto the map themselves in those days you know!

    Jacqueline x

  5. Ah... rain. How very apt. I think this is the first dry day we've had here for a fortnight! Great finds - I love the Right As Rain brooch :)

  6. What great rainy finds. I love the letter set
    ps The rain is doing wonders to my little veg patch but I'm hoping to have a bbq tomorrow...hmmmm...

  7. I agree with Jacqueline, that retro rain cloud took me right back to the sticky on symbol weather forecasts of years ago!

    Natalie x