About me

At the moment i am a stay at home mum to a gorgeous little boy that i adore, i was made redundant while on maternity leave, and find that at the moment what with child care prices i can't actually afford to go back to work just yet, not that i mind too much i love being with my son and if i hadnt been made redundant then i would never have started selling my Jewellery on Folksy,

My style of jewellery is slightly different from the more traditional jewellery you can buy, i use lots of colours, the brighter and bolder the better i say, i also use a lot of vintage materials, old beads and chain found at carboots and these lovely soft plastic vintage flowers that i must admit to, i am slightly addicted to using now, they appear in everything i make, take a look for yourself :)

I hope you like like reading my blog, comments would be lovely please ohh and don't forget to follow me ;)

Becky (Chiyo) xxx