Sunday, 31 May 2009

ouchy :(

So i've still got toothache,its really begining to drive me mad now, its just throbbing if i take anymore painkillers i'm going to rattle. think its time i plucked up the courage to go to the dentists :'( really really dont want to!!! xxx

Thursday, 28 May 2009


Well i finally gave in, i swore i'd never get one, i think they look like little prisons, but i got the dreaded playpen!!, its not that bad actually, and he loves it (well it holds his attention for half hour) its great i can now make a cuppa without worrying where he is, whats he putting in his mouth, and also its great for putting all his toys in at the end of the day,best buy yet :)

Just made this :)

My newest creation, Had a bit of time while baby napped and had the erge to make something, (i was doing house work if my partner asks :), i love these felt beads, what do you think ??? xxx

Rainbow collection on Folksy

Check out to see a great collection of items from Folksy sellers, there will be a collection for every colour of the rainbow and todays colour is ORANGE go see !! :) xxx


Well my 10 month old has decided he's not happy with just crawling now, he wants to stand up, hes pulling himself up on everything and i mean everything and coasting around the living room holding onto chairs, tables you name it, and cries when i try to move him off, i really need to babyproof the house some more, its great you can't wait for them to start to walk and when they do you realise why people say its a nightmare ha ha :) xxx

Car troubles

Well this morning i've had to be up and out of the house for 8:00am to get my car to the garage, its not looking soo good :( needs a service,cambelt change and a new water pump, oh and theres an engine fault light appeared on the dashboard on the way there, i think this is going to be pricey !!!! :'(

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


How did i end up following myself ????????

Sarcastic boyfriends

Soo i just got an email off my partner "have you booked an appointment with the dentist or has your tooth stopped hurting again"

Hmmmm i think someones being a bit sarcastic, don't you??? x

i hate it when hes right though :)


Since i only came across the world of blogging from making my jewellery i thought it would only be right to show you a few of my faves :)

For this charm bracelet i have used lots of different beads in all shapeS and sizes, theres glass,crackle,felt,plastic,Cloisonne,lampwork, old and new,i have hand wired them to a copper tone curb chain and finished it with a copper tone toggle clasp, i think this makes a great bracelet, very big bold and chunky, will definately get noticed.

This gorgeous necklace has been made with lots of colourful vintage flowers in all shapes and sizes i have hand wired them using a silver coloured wire i have also used some lemon,orange and pink coloured felt beads that complement the flowers beautifully, to finish the necklace i have added some purple plastic beads with a silver plated heart shaped toggle clasp at the end.

This gorgeous necklace has been made with lovely lemon,orange and pink coloured felt beads that i have threaded onto an orange satin ribon with emerald green wooden beads,i have hand sewn lots of colourful vintage flowers in all shapes and sizes and pretty beads to the felt beads which i think compliment them beautifully,You can tie the necklace into a bow to fit.Beautifully bold and bright for summer.
I love making my jewellery when i get the time (which isnt very often now)

First day of blogging

Ok soo far soo good, today i've got terrible toothache, never had it before but i went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago, first time in 10yrs (did i mention i'm absolutely terriffied of dentists!!!) and he gave me a filling :( i suppose i'm lucky thats all i needed having not been for soo long, anyway i did the usual screaming and crying thing while he did his work on my mouth it was awful!!! so its been playing up ever since, its really sensitive and on Saturday i went to a wedding it was brilliant, the bride looked beautiful, the groom looked great in his kilt, it was such a good day!!We got to our hotel room at 1.30am and as soon as my head hit the pillow the toothache started, oh my god it hurt soo much, i'd had no pain at all during the day why start now?!?, it kept me a wake all night, what made it worse was the fact that it was my partner and my first night away together since having our little boy in July, we'd been looking forward to it for soo long, got the babysitter, booked a great room in a nice hotel, and this ruined it, i was just a crying mess all night and the next day, on the way home my partner kept mentioning the dentist and that i'd have to have my tooth taken out, i swear i had a major panick attack,well my hands and arms started to go numb,i was hyperventilating i thought i was going to pass out, i made him pull over on a busy road and i flew out of the car and just sat on the grass by the side of the road, he must have thought i'd gone mad, took him ages to get me back in that car, bless him. haha

So back to today, well i've still got toothache and i keep putting off going to the dentist i'm hoping its just going to fall out by itself :) i doubt it though, really don't know what to do, my partner said to me this morning as he left for work "don't forgot about your tooth" like i'm going to forget about it, IT HURTS!!!