Sunday, 22 November 2009

Yey,i'm on the front page of Misi and Joolia, i never realised, i've had my first 2 sales last week on misi after being on there for 4/5 months, now i know why, very chuffed, still no sales on Joolia though xxx


  1. well done. things can sit around for a while, can't they? !

  2. Wow well done. I've been wondering about joining misi. Whats it like to use?

  3. Thank you :)

    Misi is ok, i'd only listed 3 things and left it for 5 months as i'd never had a sale, i've never been on the forums or anything on misi, just listed items thats it, never even promoted myself there so definately worth signing up! xx

  4. Hey, well done there chiyo, that's *great* news!!

    I understand Misi has a pretty proactive admin and I think they're doing a lot to promote the site in general. I'm still on there, my shop's been empty for aeons but maybe I might just go and list something.....

    Linden x

  5. I would Linden, my items seem to get a lot more views on misi as well :)

    Thank you. xx