Wednesday, 27 May 2009

First day of blogging

Ok soo far soo good, today i've got terrible toothache, never had it before but i went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago, first time in 10yrs (did i mention i'm absolutely terriffied of dentists!!!) and he gave me a filling :( i suppose i'm lucky thats all i needed having not been for soo long, anyway i did the usual screaming and crying thing while he did his work on my mouth it was awful!!! so its been playing up ever since, its really sensitive and on Saturday i went to a wedding it was brilliant, the bride looked beautiful, the groom looked great in his kilt, it was such a good day!!We got to our hotel room at 1.30am and as soon as my head hit the pillow the toothache started, oh my god it hurt soo much, i'd had no pain at all during the day why start now?!?, it kept me a wake all night, what made it worse was the fact that it was my partner and my first night away together since having our little boy in July, we'd been looking forward to it for soo long, got the babysitter, booked a great room in a nice hotel, and this ruined it, i was just a crying mess all night and the next day, on the way home my partner kept mentioning the dentist and that i'd have to have my tooth taken out, i swear i had a major panick attack,well my hands and arms started to go numb,i was hyperventilating i thought i was going to pass out, i made him pull over on a busy road and i flew out of the car and just sat on the grass by the side of the road, he must have thought i'd gone mad, took him ages to get me back in that car, bless him. haha

So back to today, well i've still got toothache and i keep putting off going to the dentist i'm hoping its just going to fall out by itself :) i doubt it though, really don't know what to do, my partner said to me this morning as he left for work "don't forgot about your tooth" like i'm going to forget about it, IT HURTS!!!

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  1. I had hideous toothache after I had my boy and had to have a tooth out it was horrible but it is so much relief. Bite the bullet you will feel a whole load better, might even just be the filling not in right. xxx